Silicon Ladders TLDR

Silicon Ladders is a newsletter for people that want to get ahead in the tech industry. Every week I post about what I’ve learned in my journey from YCombinator-backed startup founder to Senior PM at Meta and Google.

How often do I post?

I write and publish a new 5-minute read every Tuesday morning.

Is this Substack supported by Google?

No! The views that I express here are in no way representative of those of my employer, Google. In other words, I don’t write about anything proprietary to Google and do personal reflections only.

What do I write about most?

Mostly, I post about things I wish someone had told me about the tech industry when I got started 15ish years ago. I don’t mean the platitudes, I mean how things really work. I hope that my experience can save you the years of learning it took me to figure some of this stuff out.

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2x startup founder, YCombinator, Meta, Google. I'm passionate about helping people grow their career in tech.